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How It All Began...

My name is Martin Smith and i was born in Derry, Ireland. I first started making music around 1998 with a game for the playstation simply called "Music". It was a very basic music making game but it was enough to get me hooked on producing my own music. Now im using more advanced programs like FL Studio, Ableton Live and Sony Sound Forge to produce music with. 

First Success

My first break into the professional music producing world was getting signed to Peak Hour Music ( in December '07 with great producers such as Jason Turbulent, Steve DeParr and many other great artists. My first release was a remix of Miz Mandy's track "In The Mix" which rocketed into number 87 on the beatport top 100 trance charts within a few days of releasing it. After that i remixed Theory In Motions hit track "Devils playground" along with Sonic Monkey's "Payday" track. I also remixed Hydrusx's track "I Don't Know", Sue Cho's "Lose Yourself" which was on a special Peak Hour Does London Compilation and Fundamental 5's "Take my Flight". I also released my debut EP titled "Perspiratiopn EP" which had 4 tracks called "Elektro Tech", "Retrospective", "I Can See The Way" & "Circuit Bent".